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Solana Larsen

We’ve got a couple of articles on openDemocracy to help draw this blogging session to a close. Sarah Lindon on International Women’s Day (“Gendered States“) and myself on the closing day of the CSW (“How power works for women“).

I won’t promise not to post again in this blog. But for now it’s goodbye. If you participated in the CSW or you have any comments whatsoever, feel free to email them or post them in the comments below. Thanks for your links, comments, and support.


Happy international women’s day

Looking for a way to celebrate the day? Chose from more than 400 events around the world.

UN’s Ban Ki-moon speaks out

Solana Larsen

An exceptionally bland statement on women’s rights from the new Secretary General for International Women’s Day (tomorrow).

Lots of other things going on about women at the UN today and yesterday alongside the CSW.

The Security Council held a meeting on women’s involvement in peace and security keeping, reaffirming it’s committment to Resolution 1325.

And there has been an “informal thematic debate” in the General Assembly on women’s empowerment. World representatives shared where they’re at.