The CSW’s informal debates

Pinar Ilkkaracan

On Friday, the informal meetings that provide the space for a discussion of the  proposed  resolutions and the conclusions have finally started. At these meeting, the  delegates representing their countries can make proposals to add, delete or revise,  agree or fight over the text. They are usually much more exciting (!) than the formal sessions.

The first informal meeting on Friday morning focused on the resolution titled “Forced and Early Marriage”, aiming at developing various strategies at the national and international levels. Turkey, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico and the EU made several proposals to strengthen the resolution. Turkey brought in a proposal to provide comprehensive sexuality education to address the needs of girls and young women regarding family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention, which was opposed by the Iranian delegate who stated that they “couldn’t support the proposal as sexuality has a lot of different meanings in Iran”.  

The Turkish delegate, a professor of public health and obstetrician-gynecologist, defended the term “sexuality education,” emphasizing that sexuality has many dimensions that include social, psychological, human and medical that reach far beyond the biological dimension – therefore the wording is exact and appropriate, and should be used.

However, there seemed to be quite a consensus among the delegates until the end of the meeting, and everybody hopes that it will go on like this.  


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