New internet resource for women in politics

Solana Larsen

logo3.gifI am at a launch meeting for a new website called iKNOWpolitics. It’s been two years in the making. Their goal is to help women understand and get involved in the political process. They’ll have discussion forums and articles, but also an expert group of women prespared to answer questions that come in on email from around the world. Questions like, “How can I connect better to my female constituents”. It looks pretty interesting. At least the women in the room look excited.

The project is by IDEA, IPU, NDI, UNDP, UNIFEM.

A woman introducing herself as the first female judge of Iraq just spoke, “Thank god, I am still alive,” she said, and then she made a long statement (instead of asking a question).

It’s happening in conference room 2.

Another woman from Yemen says there are currently only 30 women in their parliament of 300. In 2009 they have a parliamentary election. “We want to know how to make our campaign, and how to help women win.”

A man from Zimbabwe, says “We need more women in power. More women in parliament. Of all races.” … “We need serious help, in rural areas, with no internet.”


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