Even bad press is good

Solana Larsen

On the opening day of the conference, there was one impassioned article on the CSW you would probably never read on openDemocracy:

Janice Shaw Crouse from Concerned Women for America, argues that the CSW is failing to protect unborn girl-children from abortion. Furthermore, she says girls will grow up with more “self worth” if they are raised in “a family headed by a married mother and father”.

Here’s a really interesting quote:

The debates over the next two weeks will be heated. The leftwing research organization, Political Research Associates, published a report in late 2006 warning that organizations from the right are using the U.N. as a forum for targeting “reproductive freedom.” The report reflects the typical left attitude that the United Nations belongs exclusively to “progressives” and any involvement from the right is encroachment to block their agenda. Pam Chamberlain, in PublicEye.org, warned that “the United Nations provides an international forum for the ramblings of U.S.-based religious conservatives.” She concludes that if the right continues to have a platform at international meetings, they will undermine the “advances made by human rights activists over the past two decades.”

Does the left have a patent on women’s human rights? Good question. See Janice’s nightly commentary on the CSW. Today’s is on Britney Spears.


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