openDemocracy blogs the CSW

Solana Larsen

From 26 February to 9 March, there is a meeting at the UN in New York called the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) that will bring together governments, UN representatives, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to evaluate progress on gender equality and set new standards for global policy.

The day before the meeting ends, 8 March, is International Women’s Day.

The news media tend to carry almost identical stories about UN meetings. They repeat the most jarring facts from press releases, and everyone steers clear of describing the seemingly boring and symbolic process.

openDemocracy tries to make global politics more accessible. Our blogs take you behind the scenes at meetings like the World Social Forum, World Economic Forum, and now the CSW for a deeper understanding of politics in action.

From the colour of the chairs in the cafeteria, to the personal accounts of women who participate, these details help give a sense of what it’s really like.


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